Pentecost Excitement

Dear Friend of the House of Prayer

It is with true excitement that I am writing you about something super exciting that we have planned just for you. A few weeks ago we celebrated a wonderful Easter season with a wonderful drama. The most exciting part of the drama was watching the staff of IHOPM become a theatrical team.  Each person put forth their very best for the Lord and their church family. We are continuing to receive the rich blessings of heaven these many weeks later. Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday is the most holy of Christian holidays as we remember the power of Jesus love to offer us a little bit of Heaven’s Spirit here on earth with each of us. 


The second most holy Christian holiday is Pentecost Sunday. 50 days after the Resurrection the New Testament Church was born. The story of Acts 2 began the new covenant promise purchased by the blood of Jesus in the upper room on Pentecost Sunday. We at IHOPM want to give you the most wonderful gift we can to show how much we and the Lord Jesus love you. We have planned a Wednesday night Bible study to prepare you for the week of Pentecost beginning May 25th. We will be working our way through a study put together by Jim Cymbala pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. The purpose of the study is so we all can receive the maximum impact of Heaven’s gift to us. The Holy Spirit was and is the single greatest idea that God has for mankind since the creation of the Garden of Eden. It is our chance to know and speak to God in Heaven very similar to the early morning walks in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve had with God.

On June 4th and 5th we will have special speaker Bruce Allen, pastor of Christ Church North and on June 11th and 12th we will have special speaker Gary Vick, pastor of Rushing Chapel Church. During these 4 services they will lead us into the understanding and practices of the Holy Spirit. You will not want to miss any of the 4 services. On the Wednesday night between these speaker Pastor Bryan will conduct an open question and answer session about anything of concern or the mystery that my surround being filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s best gift for you, even better than going to Heaven. So make your plans now to come and see what the House of Prayer staff has planned just for you. You are our very special friends and we want to bless you with all the scripture has promised and heaven can afford.

For questions leading up to this special week planned just for you please give Pastor a call.  I am  waiting to walk with you through every question or idea.

Saturday’s begin at 6:30pm & Sunday’s begin at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday’s begin at 5:45p.m. with a $1.00 meal and worship begins at 6:30pm.

May God richly bless you and your family throughout the Pentecost Week.


 Pastor Bryan