Message for April 30, May 1

Who we are is Who you are really!

Mat. 13 – The Parable of the Sower is not what happens with soil that cannot be improved but the expected results of unattended soil. What we believe determines who we most likely will become. The Lord gives us the desire of our heart according to what and how we pray. If your prayer is for excellence it will become a reality. If your prayer is just to get by and survive then things are going to be pretty rough. If your personal prayers are only concerning the afterlife then nothing great and excellent should be expected to sneak up on you and take control of you are becoming.

Answer the following questions with as many specific’s as you can manage!
• What about our church do I like?

• What about our church draws people to it?

• What aspects of our church looks like weeds?

• What aspects of our church turn off visitors?

• What is our church know for?

• What would we like to be known for?

• Are these values Biblical?

• Will these values matter to the next generation?

• Can we dedicate ourselves to unreservedly live out these values?