Marry Me Series: Friendship

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

 *The marriage covenant should have a SINGULAR focus.

 “Taking the name of the groom makes you “ One” with that person- you sacrifice your identity to take on that of your Groom –as One…. Both in the literal and spiritual aspect of a marriage covenant.

 *Stop trying to figure everyone –and God –out.  It is NOT why you are here!

*Forgiveness works better two ways… when the one we are forgiving or need forgiveness from knows it.

  • There is a need for a “third strand” a friend- especially in a marriage.
  • God designed the marriage covenant to be an example of how our relationship with Him is to be.
  • True friendship is developed over a period of time and like love it is a choice….our choice.
  • God does not “fix” us because we merit it- He does it because He loves us.
  • The secret to peace and happiness in a marriage is when you grow in the same direction.